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"Half Past Dead is a prime example that Rock N' Roll is anything BUT dead. Not only is their sound unique, but their creativity makes them stand out from others."


- HPD Fan-Charlotte, NC -

Passion, perseverance, and dedication.

These are three words that best describe the history and attitude of Half Past Dead. Hailing from the streets of Richmond, Virginia, Half Past Dead is the hard rock dreamchild of four outcast musicians with a vision. Centered around punchy guitar riffs, intensive drums and bass, electrifying vocals, and impactful lyrics, the quartet of misfit rockers create music that is both hard-hitting and heartbreaking. HPD fosters a big-picture perspective on life and strives to show the world to care about what matters most in it.


Fronted and created by lead singer and guitarist Alexander Black at just the age of 14, Half Past Dead quickly rose to the top of the local Richmond heavy metal music scene. Being inspired by various rock outfits such as Avenged Sevenfold, Black Veil Brides, and Three Days Grace, HPD became a popular act amongst heavy metal fanatics. In just two years the band had recorded and released their debut EP which gained the attention of many notable rock artists such as Alice Cooper, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein of the Misfits, and Wednesday 13.

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, Half Past Dead had to cancel The Unbreakable Tour. However, that did not hinder the group in the slightest. Instead of waiting around for the Earth to start spinning again, Half Past Dead went straight into the process of recording their first full-length album titled "Kiss The World Goodbye". The band has yet to release any information about exactly when the LP will be released, but they estimate sometime in mid-2021. With a fresh set of new band members, HPD plans to return to the spotlight as soon as things are on the mend regarding the global pandemic.

HPD has released two singles from their upcoming album! Listen to The Evil That You Make & Show Me The Way on YouTube and Bandcamp!



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